CART Services

We supply the power for the highest levels of audience participation in group settings. No other written communication can match the speed and accuracy of CART.

Our CART specialist, either on-site or at a remote location, listens and processes for those who cannot. The specialist then enters all spoken words as text using an integrated software system designed specifically for this purpose. The CART specialist averages 225 words per minute during this process.

By using the latest in cutting-edge communication technology, the actual spoken words are projected onto a display screen in real time. Depending on the audience's needs, the display screen can be as small as an individual laptop computer or as large as a Jumbotron in a convention hall.

Benefits of CART

1. Allows anyone with difficulty processing spoken language (people with hearing disabilities, people who do not speak English well, people who do not process spoken language) to participate in a group setting (meetings, seminars, conventions).

2. Meets the communication needs of many groups of people as opposed to just one.

3. Provides event planners/educators with a tool by which they can evaluate their objectives.

4. Creates a written archive for future reference.

5. Supports compliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

6. Reaches out to multicultural audiences.