Remote CART Services

Sometimes it's not practical for a CART specialist to provide their services on-site. For this reason we have developed the ability to offer our CART services through the internet. All that is required of the client is an internet connection to send the audio portion of the event being real-timed and a computer with internet access to receive the simultaneous text.

Clients can choose to read their text at a single location or from multiple locations at the same time. They can choose to display the text on a single laptop for individual viewers or a television screen or large projection screen for multiple viewers.

Benefits of CART

1. Allows anyone with difficulty processing spoken language (people with hearing disabilities, people who do not speak English well, people who do not process spoken language) to participate in a group setting (meetings, seminars, conventions).

2. Meets the communication needs of many groups of people as opposed to just one.

3. Provides event planners/educators with a tool by which they can evaluate their objectives.

4. Creates a written archive for future reference.

5. Supports compliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

6. Reaches out to multicultural audiences.