CART, or Computer Access Realtime Translation. A captioner listens and processes accurate notes for those who cannot. They enter all the spoken words as text at an average speed of 225+ per minute with better than 98% accuracy. The captions are instantly displayed to an individual on a mobile device, tablet, or laptop or on a large screen for the entire audience to view.


Remote Computer Accessed Real-time Transmission. When it is not practical for a captioner to be on site, we offer CART services through the internet. Widely used in classrooms, teleconferences, meetings, webinars, seminars, conferences, training sessions and church services. All that is needed is an internet connection to get the audio feed to our captioner. Once the audio feed is received, it will be converted into text to be displayed on a mobile device, tablet, laptop computer, television monitor, large screen, or any device that has an internet connection.


Real-time captioning is very similar to CART but is used in the context of live television broadcasts and taping of live events.


Our transcription services are guaranteed to be fast and accurate. Nothing is too difficult for our transcriptionists.